How to Wear the Brooch? -

How to Wear the Brooch? -

How to Wear the Brooch? -




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A brooch is a ornament jewelry metal decoration.

Formerly, called fibula in Latin, it was attached to clothing to indicate its royal affiliation.

Nowadays, its popularity made it a fashion accessory and is proving very useful to keep them closed a garment. 

Its shapes and colors are multiple. But those of the "Edwardian Area" are more popular today (1901-1910) of floral representation set with crystals.

Using it with a scarf is trendy.

Feynarrie offers you a choice of original brooches that will brighten up your everyday life and bring a touch of elegance and femininity to your outfit.

Our prices are also attractive, they will make a timeless gift even for our young women.

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