Who is Feynarrie?


My name is Constance I am an African fashion designer and I grew up surrounded by parents who had outfits made especially for special occasions, finding the perfect fabric or the right ornament, was a treasure hunt. The women were excited and anxious both to express their choice and their harmonious, charming tastes and also to reveal their symbol of femininity.

It was therefore imperative that the choice of fabric and ornaments be made by the housewife and not the seamstress.

Today, the stylist dresses and selects the ornaments that could please the client (which makes things a little easier for the client).

Being a stylist and a follower of fashion, I created Feynarrie, a multicultural fashion accessory shop because in my opinion a particular ornament added to an outfit is enough to sublimate it.

The English acronym FEYNARRIE is For Elevating Yourself Now And Repelling Resistance Internally Externally which means that Feynarrie's goal is to awaken the charm and beauty that lies dormant in you by expressing it outside with ornaments that reveal hidden beauty in all women.

Feminine energy is often very difficult to express, so take advantage of our women's fashion accessory products as well, stay feminine and charming.
All of our items have been carefully selected and comply with European CE standards.

Our delivery times can be quite long but it is worth the effort. However, our team is working diligently to shorten our deadlines.

The Payments page is Secure, our Customer Relations Center is at your disposal for any information. In addition, for whatever reason if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will be reimbursed within 48 hours of receiving your return product.

Constance wish you happy shopping!